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January 28, 2008

“That’s the Devil”—Giuliani in Florida

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Two weeks Markos Moulitsas made a plea for Michigan Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary for Mitt “Say anything” Romney.

Why? Certainly not because any Democrat, or anyone else for that matter, likes Romney. Mitt is possibly the most unlikable candidate to emerge in either party since Pat Robertson or Richard Nixon.

No, Kos wanted people to support Romney because John “Hundred Years War” McCain, who was Romney’s major opposition in Michigan, is a much more dangerous candidate for Democrats to run against.

Romney won Michigan but now after South Carolina, Democrats again face the possibility that McCain could win Florida and become the firm favorite in a Republican Field which up until now has resembled the three blind mice—and one crazy mouse.

Indeed the smart thing for Democrats to do at this point would appear to be supporting anyone who could stop McCain in Florida, but does that enemy of my enemy logic extend so far as lending tacit support to the candidacy of the former Mayor of New York City, Rudolph “Hide the children” Giuliani?

Giuliani of course has staked a lot on Florida and if the polls and press are any judge (you make the call) is about to bite the big one down there. Meanwhile, as in Michigan, McCain and Romney are in a very tight race. The conventional wisdom seems to be that a late up tick in support for Giuliani would draw votes from McCain.

Unlike Michigan, Florida is not an open primary, so unless you have Republican grand uncles and grand aunts—or ne’er do well land speculator cousins—living there, this is more in the realm of spectator sports than politics, still . . .

. . . Rudy is a guy who’s made Norman Podhoretz his unofficial foreign policy advisor. He supports bombing Iran for the hell of it. William Bratton, his first police commissioner, who designed the preventive policing program on whose—mixed success—Rudy made his reputation in New York, hates him. The Fireman’s Union of New York, on whose shoulders Rudy rose to National prominence, hates him. He grew up in Brooklyn but followed the Yankees. He’s a good friend of Donald Trump’s. His term in office was characterized by currying favor with the gilded age gentry of Wall Street while waging an undeclared war on black people, poor people and street artists that went by the name, “Giuliani Time.”

In a recent poll, two out of three Americans chose Rudy as the candidate most likely to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for a push-up bra and black lace underwear.

Do we, under sanction from heaven, dare wish Giuliani back in the race, in order only to stop John McCain?
That’s the devil . . .

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